2018 One year ago today

Jackson Stutzman lives, breathes and eats anything truck-related. The 9-year-old from Genesee is the youngest member of the Palouse Chapter of the American Truck Society and is the newest owner of a 1958 International Emeryville cabover truck. Stutzman, along with many other members of the truck club, gathered in Bovill to show off their latest projects at the fifth annual Bovill Truck Show. … The low rumble of motorcycles could be heard outside of Zeppoz in Pullman as riders from all over the region started their engines. The band of riders all gathered for the same reason — to support the animals of the Whitman County Humane Society. For the fifth year in a row, John-Mark Mahnkey, a member of the WCHS board, organized the Cruzin’ for Critters Poker Run, which raises money for the shelter’s general fund.

2014 Five years ago today

As Moscow Charter School prepares for its first year offering eighth grade, the electricity has been turned on in two new portables that will house a growing student population. As of now, the upcoming year’s sixth-grade class sits at the maximum enrollment of 22 students, with a waiting list, while the seventh grade has 12 students registered. The first eighth-grade class to attend MCS still has only five students signed up. … A plan to use a portion of the Memorial Park in Genesee for an RV sewage pumping station was put on hold after city councilors were persuaded by local veterans against moving forward. The plan “was kind of a surprise to everybody,” said Mike Frank, a Genesee resident who is a member of the community’s American Legion Post No. 58. He was among about a dozen members of that group who came to the meeting to express opposition to the plan. The park, located on Chestnut Street, is the site of the community’s veterans memorial.

2009 10 years ago today

University of Idaho administrators are preparing themselves for more program cuts and potential job cuts this year. Two weeks into the new fiscal year, deans and other administrators are busy reviewing what worked and what didn’t work in this past year’s “program prioritization process.” The first round of program cuts emphasized the need for UI to be strategic about its scope, but administrators say the next round will be linked to cutting budgets. … The North Latah Highway District will have two contested commission positions on the ballot Aug. 4. Subdistrict No. 2 Commissioner Richard Hansen of Harvard will appear alone on the ballot but will face a challenge from write-in candidate Nancy Maxeiner of Viola. Subdistrict 3 Commissioner Orland Arneberg of Troy will face challenges from Shawn Farley of Troy and Lee Horning of Deary.

1994 25 years ago today

As state officials in Boise prepare to celebrate the lottery’s fifth anniversary, local school district officials aren’t planning to celebrate with them. That’s because many of them are wondering whether having lottery proceeds for education was such a good idea. Superintendents complained at this year’s Legislature that representatives didn’t adequately fund education because they believed proceeds from the lottery would make up any shortfall. … After the first three months of use, Moscow’s new garbage facilities have saved the city $94,797 that would have been spent shipping garbage out to regional landfills. The first three months’ figures since the new recycling center and transfer station opened show a 36 percent waste stream diversion, said Moscow recycling program coordinator Carrie Lipe.

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