2018 One year ago today

Last month, the city of Moscow pumped more than 6.2 million gallons of water than in May 2017 — an 11.3 percent increase — and city officials say with no drastic change in temperatures and precipitation, the increased water usage is a concern. Water levels in the Grande Ronde Aquifer, which supplies drinking water for 60,000 residents on the Palouse, have continued to decline since 1935. … Scientists with Washington State University and the University of Idaho have devised a new way to estimate the amount of magma beneath Yellowstone National Park’s supervolcano by measuring the heat lost through the park’s various geologic features, and these estimates will help determine how soon an eruption could happen.

2014 Five years ago today

A University of Idaho-led research network has received a $16.3-million, five-year renewal grant from the National Institute of Health to expand its efforts, which span all the state’s universities, the director of the biomedical program announced. … Park recreation employees and a youth group are working together to prepare Laird Park for the approaching busy summer season. Adam McClory, a recreational staff officer for the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, said the national forest’s recreation budget has been slashed by nearly 50 percent, meaning staff has been limited to performing only general maintenance and upgrade projects in the park, despite its popularity.

2009 10 years ago today

State budget woes have put the brakes on a needed upgrade to the Pullman Wastewater Treatment Plant. Public Works Director Mark Workman said an $11 million project to double the capacity of the plant’s aeration pond was put on hold when state legislators raided the Public Works Trust Fund to cut into the state budget deficit. ... Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson and Youth Services Director Brian Dulin say they are setting up a new diversion program targeting 16- to 17-year-old first-time minor in possession of alcohol offenders. Thompson and Dulin said the 16-17 age group usually gets an adult misdemeanor citation and fine along with a driver’s license suspension. The new program is meant to bridge the gap between the minor and adult misdemeanor diversion programs.

1994 25 years ago today

By fall, Albion children who wait in the rain, snow, sleet and dark of winter mornings for the school bus may have a place out of the weather. Simultaneously, the Albion Youth Association’s baseball and softball programs could finally have dugouts. All at little or no cost to the town. ... Water woes in Harvard may finally be near an end. A test well began gushing with water after the town was awarded an $100,000 Imminent Threat Grant in March from the Idaho Community Block Grant program to drill a new well. Harvard residents had been surviving for about a year on an old, clogged well that produced only three gallons of water a minute.

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