2018 One year ago today

At 5 years old, Casen Hawkins has endured more medical hardships than most people will experience in their lifetime. While Casen can now run around and play, that has not always been the case. And it won’t always be the case. Make-A-Wish Idaho volunteer wish granters Ashlie Jensen and Kimberly Carper visited with the Hawkins family in September to discuss the best wish for Casen, Carper said. The couple brought up the idea of a playground and ran the idea by Casen — and what child would not want his or her own personal playground? … Pullman streets were noticeably more crowded as students numbering in the thousands converged on the town for WSU’s official move-in day of the year. Traffic along Stadium Way, which cuts through the heart of WSU’s campus, was slow and relentless.

2014 Five years ago today

University campuses are coming alive again, as thousands of students prepare for the start of the school year. At WSU, on-campus housing opens up this weekend with the annual WSU Move In. Hundreds of student volunteers, wearing matching shirts with the outline of the state of Washington on it, will be on hand to help those moving in. Later in the week, UI residence halls will also open up to incoming and returning students. ... It takes a special breed to join the Pullman Fire Department. Jacob Hogg, reserve firefighter and EMT, has certainly been up to the test. In addition to being on-call for 12-hour night shifts several times a week, he is raising two children and working as an IT contractor in Pullman. He recently completed all the required fire training in June along with seven other reserves, some of whom are as young as 20 years old.

2009 10 years ago today

Kale Stockton said removing graffiti is not as easy as he thought. Stockton was among two groups of juveniles from the Latah County Youth Services Department who removed graffiti from buildings and street signs throughout Moscow. It was the second such effort this month. He said he has never vandalized anything with graffiti, but his brothers do it all the time on his books. ... The sun broke briefly through the clouds as the last of nearly 200 people marched through the brick arch at the corner of East City Park in Moscow. Saturday was a day of celebration, as children in tie-dyed shirts danced to Aerosmith and Don McLean cover songs and men and women waved rainbow flags. Macy’s employees passed out rainbow bandannas and churches preaching acceptance set up booths around the Palouse Pride! festival’s edges.

1994 25 years ago today

A bid by the University of Idaho to have the Idaho Attorney General’s office give arguments in a lawsuit filed by two UI students alleging the UI Student Code of Conduct is invalid was denied this morning. Second District Judge John Bengtson denied a petition to have Deputy Attorney General Michel Gillmore serve as an “amicus curiae,” or “friend of the court” during arguments on the case. … Calling it a healthy, open, spirited debate, Whitman County Superior Court Judge Wallis Friel dismissed claims that nefarious back-room bargaining led to permit approval for a mega-dump. The Organization to Preserve Agricultural Lands sued Adams County and Waste Management, alleging a land-use permit for a giant landfill was issued after illegal lobbying and deal-making. Waste Management will file for the second and final permit sometime in November.

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