2019 One year ago today

The opening of the new runway at the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport may be delayed and the cost of the project could balloon if the government shutdown continues, airport officials say. The shutdown, now the longest in U.S. history, has entered its fourth week as Congress and the White House remain divided over a $5.7 billion demand from the Trump administration to fund hundreds of miles of new walls along the U.S.-Mexico border. … Moscow will submit a $1.7 million grant request to the Local Highway Safety Improvement Program to help pay for safety improvements on a stretch of Public Avenue that has been the site of several injury crashes and a fatality in recent years.

2015 Five years ago today

The Latah County Commissioners opted to renew the liquor license for the Bottoms Up Tavern in Juliaetta, even though the Latah County Sheriff’s Department expressed concern about the amounts of liquor being served. In at least one instance during the past year, deputies tried to investigate a case reported from the tavern, but everybody there “was technically ‘hammered,’ ” said Latah Sheriff’s Lt. Brannon Jordan. There have been other complaints of people in and around the business so inebriated they couldn’t “walk or talk,” he said. ... Ray Barker, a long-time Latah County defense attorney, said a change will be coming to the state’s public defender system as concerns grow that it is underfunded, inadequate and inconsistent. Barker said when he first began working as a public defender, attorneys were appointed by the judge from a list of names the judge had in his desk drawer. Now, most counties have defense attorneys under contract and are paid a set price every month, regardless of the number of indigent cases they handle.

2010 10 years ago today

Members of a Texas-based church seeking to open a sustainable agriculture school outside Deary are leaning toward applying for a new conditional use permit to Latah County after their initial attempt was denied last year. The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture sought a conditional use permit for a 460-acre parcel located east of Deary. … Sometimes it’s a challenge for Mark and Shelley McGuire to not take their work home with them at the end of the day. They’re both interested in the science of lactation — Mark as a professor at UI and Shelley as an associate professor at WSU. The couple recently finished up a six-year study with researchers at the universities of Sassari and Cagliari in Italy.

1995 25 years ago today

In an unusual reversal of roles, an Idaho conservation group wants the state to work out a way to prevent bull trout from being listed as an endangered species. The timber-sale-dependent Idaho Department of Lands, conversely, figures an endangered species listing might be better than agreeing the recovery blueprint. Environmental groups asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list the bull trout as endangered more than a year ago. … While browsing in a Syrian open market this summer, Mike Baumgartner witnessed one shopkeeper stab another for attempting to kiss an American woman with Baumgartner. Baumgartner, a senior at Pullman High School, came away thinking Syria and Jordan were the safest of the 21 countries he has visited. Since returning to Pullman, Baumgartner has been relating his Syrian marketplace experience and other stories during presentations to Pullman and Moscow schools and community groups.

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