2019 One year ago today

Pullman is experiencing an unusually high amount of graffiti incidents on city property and is asking for the public’s help to stop the tagging. Pullman Parks and Recreation staff had to repaint city property, including restrooms and bins, to cover up graffiti. The skate park restrooms at Spring Street Park, which were given a fresh coat of paint and opened this week, had to be closed again because they were tagged, Davis said.

2015 Five years ago today

A group of Potlatch High School students threw a fake party Friday night to show the dangers of underaged drinking. The Latah County Youth Advocacy Council, Let’s Get it Started and Latah County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Duke organized the party to show parents the reality of what can happen when a teenage party gets out of hand. More than 20 students gathered together in a house on Spruce Street in Potlatch to put on the event, as groups of parents walked through the home.

2010 10 years ago today

Scientists in the Pacific Northwest are bracing for what’s expected to be the worst grasshopper outbreak in 30 years, according to a Washington State University news release. There are also warnings for an outbreak of what’s commonly known as the “Mormon Cricket.” These types of insects don’t fly, but travel in tight packs by the tens of thousands, devouring everything in their path, according to the release.

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