When an organization is working to supply beds for hundreds of local children, it has a big shopping list.

On Saturday, Clarkston residents, Walmart and a couple of Ghostbusters fanatics chipped in to provide Pullman nonprofit Blessing Beds with the supplies it needs.

The Clarkston Walmart and local not-for-profit Confluence Valley Ghostbusters helped Blessing Beds organize a fundraiser where people could donate bedding materials at the front of the store.

“I thought (Blessing Beds) was an awesome organization and so did my husband,” said Misty Gludt. “So, we talked about it and contacted them and they said, ‘Yeah, we’d love your help.’ ”

Misty Gludt and her husband, Dana Gludt, started Confluence Valley Ghostbusters with the goal of helping local nonprofits raise money and resources.

The twist is that they do it all while dressed as ghostbusters, with tan coveralls and even a proton pack strapped to their backs.

“My husband’s ghostbuster-obsessed,” Misty Gludt said.

Misty Gludt said she and Dana Gludt are both foster parents who have worked with low-income families. Like Blessing Beds, they understand how low-income families struggle to provide their children with a proper place to sleep, Misty Gludt said. She said sometimes parents have to choose between paying the rent and buying a bed.

“A lot of people don’t think about the fact that some of these kids aren’t sleeping on a bed,” she said. “They’re sleeping on an air mattress or the floor.”

Pullman pastor Thad DeBuhr launched Blessing Beds last year with the mission to build beds for local children on the Palouse and Lewiston-Clarkston Valley.

Since then more than 250 volunteers have helped him deliver more than 140 beds to childrens’ homes, DeBuhr said. More than 200 people are on a waiting list.

DeBuhr said he was surprised by how much it’s grown.

“It’s just unbelievable,” he said.

He said the need has only grown during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has hurt people’s jobs and incomes. DeBuhr said Blessing Beds has seen an increase in applications for beds lately.

On Saturday, DeBuhr and a dozen volunteers handed out sheets of information about what supplies Blessing Beds needs. They were invited to buy those supplies in the store and donate them on the spot.

Specifically, Blessing Beds is in need of mattresses and bedding for twin-size single and bunk beds. The customer could choose the color or design of the bed they wanted to buy.

With hundreds of people on Blessing Beds’ waiting list, the nonprofit needed all the bed supplies it could get.

“We get so many that go out it doesn’t matter how many we get coming in,” DeBuhr said.

For more information on Blessing Beds, visit blessingbeds.com.

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