Police cars, fire engines and ambulances proceeded slowly through downtown, as several passengers chucked candy to children on both sides of the street.

A few Genesee class floats, including 13 members of the class of 1969, trailed closely behind, while the hundreds who lined East Walnut Avenue looked on.

The 59th annual Genesee Community Day celebration was Saturday morning in downtown Genesee.

Three longtime, small-town residents selected as grand marshals were recognized; several children raced down the street in bicycles and scooters during the children’s parade; and one small boy on a bicycle steered a little off course and almost ran into a beautiful red 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury.

He braked just in time with encouragement from a man — perhaps his father — chasing after him yelling, “not the car, not the car.”

One of the highlights of every Community Day — the egg toss — brought more than 100 participants.

After behind-the-back, between the legs and hook shot tosses, Travis Schwenne and his egg toss partner Julian Schreiber were the last duo left with an unbroken egg, making them the champions and winners of $10 each.

Schreiber, a 17-year-old entering his senior year at Genesee High School, gently caught a 100-foot bomb from Schwenne for the win.

“I wasn’t even planning on doing it this year and then Travis dragged me into it, but I’m sure glad that he did,” Schreiber, a first-time participant, said.

He said the most difficult throw was the behind-the-back toss and the hardest catch was the one that required him to cleanly bring in the egg after it soared about 100 feet through the air.

Schwenne, 28, of Genesee, said his strategy was “a lot of hoping and trying not to hit the egg with too much impact.”

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