Four teenagers from the region will be judged today and Saturday at the 2021 Distinguished Young Women of Washington program.

Because of coronavirus restrictions, the annual scholarship program will take place virtually, with the winner qualifying for the 2021 America’s Distinguished Young Women Program next year in Mobile, Ala.

The local participants include Kari Largent of Colfax, Josie Schultheis of Colton, Tovah Brantner of Garfield-Palouse and Kelsi Benton of Pullman. There are 10 participants from across Washington in this year’s program, and all just completed their junior year of high school. The year of the program corresponds with the year the participants will graduate from high school.

Event chairwoman Carissa Little said in a news release each participant will be judged by submitted videos for talent, fitness and self-expression routines. The teens will meet today via the internet with a panel of judges. The scholastic achievement category also was evaluated this week.

A program will be shown on YouTube at 3 p.m. Saturday, found by searching “Distinguished Young Women of Washington.” It will be live and offered only once. When it ends, a second program will begin immediately that will have the awards portion of the program. Scholarship totals for the program were not yet confirmed. A winner is expected to be announced Saturday.

Distinguished Young Women is a national program providing scholarship opportunities for college-bound girls. You can learn more about the program and this year’s participants at


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