Grieg brothers ‘stepped up in a big way’ this summer

Sam Greig, left, and Sean Greig, both of Moscow, completed an Eagle Scout project at Concordia Lutheran Church Preschool in Pullman.

A pair of Moscow brothers used their Eagle Scout project as an opportunity to beautify and improve a Pullman preschool this summer.

Sam and Sean Greig, both students at Moscow High School and members of Moscow Troop 344, attend Pullman’s Concordia Lutheran Church and were informed of the improvements needed at the church-run preschool across the street.

The house where the preschool now operates had been left unattended for a long time before it was donated to the church last year, Pastor Matt Gulseth said. Notably, the rough condition of the back deck and the pathway leading to the front of the house made it unsafe for children.

He said the church came up with a slew of projects to improve the school and asked the community for help. Gulseth said the Greigs were immediately on board.

“The Greigs stepped up in a big way,” Gulseth said.

Sam, 18, said the church paid for the equipment, and with the help of about a dozen volunteers, they spent about 300 hours to help make the school safer and more appealing for the children.

“We thought it would be a very generous contribution to the church,” he said.

Sam was in charge of tackling what he called a “decrepit garden patch” on the side of the building. The uneven ground and sharp rocks made it hazardous for the children to walk outside from the back of the school to the front.

He removed the rocks, added stepping stones on the walkway and built a wooden terrace that will be seeded with grass later.

Behind the school, 16-year-old Sean went to work rebuilding an old deck and walkway. The wooden deck and attached ramp were rotting, so he replaced the floorboards and railing, built a staircase and added stepping stones on a bed of mulch in place of the ramp. He gave the deck and stairs a fresh coat of paint, too. Sean said one of the toughest, and most unexpected, challenges was having to remove bricks from under the ramp.

Sam said they received help from adults who volunteered on the project, but he was the one who delegated and gave orders when needed.

“It was a big leadership experience, I have to say,” he said.

This project brings the brothers one step closer to achieving their Eagle Scout awards. Sam said the experience of working with the other volunteers to achieve something beneficial for the community has been its own reward. He said it was a joy to work with the group, and he was astonished at how quickly they made progress on the preschool.

Sam said many Boy Scouts do not attempt to complete their Eagle Scout project because they do not want to undertake the large task, but he said his experience at Concordia Lutheran Church Preschool showed him these projects are worth the effort.

“I recommend it to everyone,” he said.

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