People who are concerned they may have COVID-19 can now use Gritman Medical Center’s new online assessment tool.

Residents can text “COVID19” to (208) 295-5080 to receive a link to the tool, according to a news release from the Moscow hospital.

The assessment evaluates a person’s symptoms, travel history and potential exposure to infected patients, as well as other demographic data to determine whether a COVID-19 test is warranted. These factors are aligned with the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If the screening tool determines the individual is at risk, he or she will automatically be added to a queue monitored by Gritman’s trained nurses on the hospital’s new Gritman COVID-19 Hotline. The person will receive a return call for evaluation and he or she may then be directed to one of Gritman’s screening tents or one of its clinics using telehealth technology to visit with a doctor and medical providers.

People can also call the Gritman COVID-19 Hotline at (208) 883-4109 to get answers to basic questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms, home treatment and testing guidelines.

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