The Moscow City Council Administrative Committee recommended Monday the city sell two retired Moscow fire engines for $1 each to two local fire agencies.

The Wheatland Fire Protection District south of Lewiston and the Genesee Volunteer Fire Department will be the beneficiaries of the fire apparatus if the Moscow City Council approves the sales at its regular meeting Monday.

The Moscow Volunteer Fire Department received two new fire engines since last year, replacing the two older engines.

City Supervisor Gary Riedner told the committee Monday the city advertised one of the trucks for $25,000 last summer but it received no interest. He said the city reduced the price and still received no bites. The engine was also listed with a consignment fire apparatus dealer in Colorado and no offers were received.

Riedner told the Daily News the other engine was not advertised because of the lack of success of the first one. He told the committee fire engines do not have much resale value, and the National Fire Protection Association deems 20-year-old apparatus outdated and obsolete.

MVFD Chief Brian Nickerson told the committee he spoke to every fire district in the county, and the Genesee department is the only one that expressed interest in one of the engines.

Nickerson said both fire agencies have limited resources because they serve small districts.

Reidner said one of the engines is stored outside and the other one will be moved outside in a few weeks, which will cause damage when cold weather hits.

He said the city has sold a fire engine for about $1 in the past to a rural Latah County community.

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