The Moscow Board of Adjustment unanimously approved on Monday night a conditional use permit application to allow 27 residential apartment units on the ground floor of the 85-unit, three-story Idaho Inn.

According to the board meeting packet, the applicant, Idaho Hospitality Inc., does not intend to make any structural changes to the property or buildings, which are located at 645 Pullman Road.

All rooms were built to allow for extended stays and are fully equipped with a full bathroom and a kitchenette.

The packet said the applicant would like the flexibility in the future to be allowed to change individual units back and forth between apartments and hotel rooms as the market dictates.

Idaho Inn was built in 1978 as a Travel Lodge. The inn has operated as both a hotel and for extended-stay housing.

It was used as graduate student housing by the University of Idaho in or around 1995. It was purchased by Idaho Hospitality in 2010 and has been operating as a hotel offering extended stays on the second and third floors.

The proposal meets city parking requirements. It would increase the parking requirement from 85 to 107 spaces if all units were used as residential studio apartments. The site has 109 spaces.

No one spoke in favor or against the proposal during Monday night’s public hearing.

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