Pullman city officials this week will hold a public hearing regarding a plan to build 68 single-family homes near Kamiak Elementary School.

Also, the Pullman City Council will discuss a bid to replace a more than 100-year-old sewer main on Sunnyside Hill.

During Wednesday’s Pullman Planning Commission, the commission will review a preliminary plat application from SynTier Engineering to construct 68 homes on 10 acres south of Kamiak Elementary School. The development is called Canyon Crest Planned Residential Development and the land is owned by Steve Mader.

According to the application, the homes will be 1,000-2,000 square feet with no garages, but will have covered parking stalls and open community parking spaces.

Pullman Planning Director RJ Lott said these would be entry level homes. The application describes the development as “intended to provide smaller homes and lots that will allow more affordable housing with views of the rolling hills of the Palouse.”

The plan includes extending Terre View Drive to Greyhound Way to allow for a more direct route to Kamiak Elementary and Pullman High School. Construction is anticipated to begin in May or June and continue for a 2-3 year period depending on the housing market.

A housing study released by Partnership for Economic Prosperity and Thomas P. Miller and Associates in 2019 pointed to a significant lack of affordable homes on the Palouse and recommended the construction of more single-family homes locally.

According to a memo from Lott to the Pullman Planning Commission, Pullman city staff believe Terre View Drive and Greyhound Way could “easily accommodate” the volume of traffic that results from this development.

A city committee recommends a sidewalk and asphalt path be built along Terre View Drive within one year after the city approves the final subdivision plat.

More information about Canyon Crest can be found at a go.boarddocs.com/wa/pullman/Board.nsf/Public. The Pullman Planning Commission will meet at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday for the public hearing and decision whether to recommend the City Council move forward on this application.

RJ Lott said if the council does approve the preliminary plat, SynTier Engineering will work on its plan for the final platting.

On Tuesday, the Pullman City Council will vote on a bid from Motley-Motley Inc. to replace 1,650 linear feet of sewer.

The project includes replacing a sewer main from State Street toward Ritchie Street, directly behind Encounter Ministries. This main experienced a sanitary sewer overflow in 2019.

Motley-Motley Inc. would also replace a more than 100-year-old sewer main on Sunnyside Hill from Farr Cemetery toward West Main Street.

Motley-Motley Inc.’s bid came in at $414,664, more than the city’s estimate of $331,199. According to city staff, the bid takes into account the cost of protecting and restoring residents’ backyards on Sunnyside Hill to their original state after the main is replaced.

The project is expected to begin in June and be complete by the end of August.

Also on Tuesday, the council will decide whether to approve a zone change for another Mader-owned property.

SynTier Engineering has applied to rezone nearly two acres southwest of the intersection of Northwest Albion Drive and State Route 27 from residential to C3 general commercial.

Lott said there currently are no specific plans for development on this property, but said it is safe to assume land at that intersection will become more valuable over time.

According to a memo from Pullman city staff, changing it to a commercial zone will allow it to be a buffer between the residential property to the south and nearby industrial activity.

City staff also believe that new businesses at this location could help decrease congestion in other commercial areas.

Anthony Kuipers can be reached at akuipers@dnews.com.

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