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Charlotte Lloyd has earned a bachelor of arts degree in liberal arts in culture from News Saint Andrews College in Moscow. The college’s commencement ceremony has been postponed until Aug. 13.

As commencement nears, one graduate of New Saint Andrews College, a Moscow-based classical Christian college, is planning to stay close to the town she now calls home while teaching young students from afar.

With a father in the U.S. Air Force, 21-year-old Charli Lloyd said she’s lived all over the country but described herself as “mostly from Arizona.” She said she moved to Moscow in 2016 for college and has since fallen for the endless hills and deep pine woods of her new home.

“I have loved the Palouse — this is one of the few areas that I haven’t lived before and I’ve absolutely loved it here,” Lloyd said. “Being able to go and hike and explore new places and just seeing this landscape has been one of my favorite parts of being here.”

While the last day of classes for NSA’s spring semester has come and gone, the school’s May commencement has been rescheduled for Aug. 13.

Now at the end of her undergraduate career, Lloyd has found work teaching physics online to students at the secondary level. While she has technically earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and culture from NSA, Lloyd said there was a strong science component to the degree which she particularly enjoyed.

“Physics, out of all the sciences — it’s probably my favorite just because it’s very math-based, but applied to very practical things and I love that,” she said. “You just get to see how actual objects and forces in the world interact and you can use math to figure out a lot of details about things that would seem like — ‘well, how on Earth would you figure that out?’ ”

Charli said she married her husband, Stocker Lloyd, who was a class ahead of her at NSA, in December. Now that she has reached the finish line, Charli said the two are charting their post-graduation life together which will likely keep them on the Palouse for the time being.

She said she has already lined up more online teaching jobs for the coming year and Stocker plans to do prerequisites for medical school at the University of Idaho starting in the fall. She said their fate after that may lead to wherever Stocker is accepted for medical school but they hope to stay close to the Palouse if possible.

While he has not committed to a medical specialty at this early stage, Charli said her husband’s commitment and skill in patient care has been a constant source of inspiration.

“It’s something that he has wanted to do since he was, I think, 9 years old — so he’s pretty much always known,” she said. “That’s one of the things that actually helped me fall in love with him was that he loves taking care of people and he’s incredible at it like nobody else that I’ve ever seen.”

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