A woman in Asotin County was confirmed Sunday to have contracted coronavirus.

Her case was the only new instance of the disease to surface in the region so far over the holiday weekend.

The woman is in her 40s, didn’t need to be hospitalized and is “mostly recovered” after first experiencing symptoms 14 days ago, said Brady Woodbury, administrator of the Asotin County Public Health District in a text.

The new case in Asotin County brings the total to 19 confirmed cases with two deaths.

No other cases emerged on Saturday or Sunday in north central Idaho or southeastern Washington leaving the totals unchanged from Friday.

Garfield County continues to be the only county in the state of Washington that has no cases.

Whitman County has reported 19 confirmed cases and no deaths.

Nez Perce County has reported 72 confirmed cases and nine probable cases, as well as all 19 deaths attributed to the disease in north central Idaho.

Idaho County has reported three total cases Clearwater and Lewis counties have not had any confirmed cases.

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