Decision 2019

Pullman Regional Hospital’s $29 million bond has met the minimum voter turnout it needs to be valid, but has received slightly less than 60 percent approval from voters, with 500 ballots left to count as of Friday evening.

Proposition 1 is earning 59.5 percent approval from voters, but needs 60 percent to pass. A total of 4,071 ballots have been counted, which is above the minimum 3,745 it needs to be certified.

The bond, if passed, will fund a 45,000-square-foot facility expansion and a new electronic medical records system. The expansion would include space for a residency program.

The next ballot count is scheduled for 8 p.m. Tuesday. Final results will be certified Nov. 26.

In the Pullman city government races, Ann Parks’ and Eileen Macoll’s leads over their respective opponents in the only two contested city council seats have fluctuated slightly.

The incumbent Parks (1,303 votes) is leading Chris Johnson (1,195) in Ward 1 with 51.9 percent of the vote. The incumbent Macoll (1,869 votes) is leading Francis Benjamin (1,755) with 51.3 percent of the vote.

Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson ran unopposed for another term. Pat Wright and Nathan Weller ran unopposed to retain their City Council positions.

In a concurrent race for the Pullman School Board’s only contested spot, incumbent Susan Weed continues to lead challenger Beth Ficklin, with 2,556 votes to Ficklin’s 1,664.

In the only Palouse School District Board race, Rachel Handley-Chartrand leads Jerry Neumann, 258 votes to 216.

A total of 9,604 ballots have been counted in Whitman County. The voter turnout so far is 38.4 percent.


Local Prop 1: Supporting improvements to rural roads.

Yes: 1,240

No: 1,065


Proposition 1: $29 million Pullman Regional Hospital bond supporting facilities expansion. In order to pass, the measure must receive at least 3,745 total votes, and 60 percent of those votes must be yes.

Yes: 2,422

No: 1,649

City Council (two contested races to fill 4-year seats)

District 1

Ann Parks: 1,303

Chris Johnson: 1,195

Councilor at-large

Eileen Macoll: 1,869

Francis Benjamin: 1,755

School Board District 1

Susan Weed: 2,556

Beth Ficklin: 1,664


City Council (four seats contested)

Seat 4

Mark Mackleit: 579

Andrew Stewart: 179

Seat 5

Ben Miller: 401

Sarina Roberts: 326

Seat 6

Jim Kackman: 595

Dominic Villareal: 157

Seat 7

Thomas Huntwork: 398

Jeremiah Roberts: 354


Local Prop 1

Yes: 111

No: 27


School Board

Rachel Handley-Chartrand: 258

Jerry Neumann: 216

Local Prop 1: Excess property tax levy

Yes: 270

No: 96

Local Prop 2: Excess property tax levy

Yes: 258

No: 96


Local Prop 1

Yes: 97

No: 57


Local Prop 1

Yes: 133

No: 49

Garfield Park District Prop 1

Yes: 206

No: 69

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