The second floor of the former U.S. Bank building in the heart of downtown Moscow has been converted into 18 private offices with a kitchen and lounge area for new businesses and entrepreneurs who need a professional working space, Nine2Five President Justin Sult said.

“We’re kind of that intermediate step so you can get into a more professional space and try to take your business to the next level,” Sult said.

Nine2Five is based in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue and now manages the leasing of the offices at the former bank on the corner of Third and Main streets in Moscow.

Sult said the Moscow offices are available for lease on day, month and year contracts.

He said the offices, which include furniture, high-speed internet and a shared kitchen, lounge and conference room, remove the stress and cost of getting one’s own office infrastructure up and running.

Sult said the offices, which range from about 60 square feet to 180 and are accessible 24/7, are intended for people who want to stop working at home, for example, but are not quite ready to make a long-term commitment to an office space of their own.

The building’s huge windows provide great natural light and views of downtown, Sult said.

He said the offices are in the “heart of downtown” and on the “busiest corner in Moscow,” which is great because people want offices in central locations.

Sult said the concept of “service offices,” or what some call “coworking spaces,” became popular the last five or six years.

“The flexible office space has been around but it’s definitely blown up in the last few years and I think that’s a trend that’s going to just continue,” he said.

He said the service office concept has grown in popularity because of the prevalence of technology-based companies that grow quickly and need a temporary service office before moving into a larger, permanent office. Many companies are also moving toward office environments that only require computers with high-speed internet, Sult said.

“Most people, for them to get to work they just need a place to come and set up their laptop, maybe set up monitors and have a really strong internet connection, and that’s the key to productivity,” Sult said.

George Skandalos and Carly Lilly own the former U.S. Bank building as well as Maialina Pizzeria Napoletana, Sangria Grille and the Moscow Hotel, which includes the Garden Lounge.

Skandalos said Sult’s offices are a fabulous concept.

“Mine and Carly’s philosophy has always been to try to add to the downtown in a positive way so we don’t ever want to do something that competes with other businesses, for example, right?” Skandalos said. “We want to bring something that’s different, that’s not being done.”

Skandalos said he and Lilly’s plan is still to relocate Sangria Grille from the Palouse Mall parking lot to the first floor/parking lot of the former U.S. Bank building. But COVID-19 has delayed that plan and the timeline has probably been pushed out a couple years, he said.

Half of Sult’s Moscow offices, which were available for lease starting in early December, have been leased. For more information on the offices, visit

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