The Pullman City Council on Tuesday officially approved the downtown master plan that will be a guide for city officials as they try to revitalize that area of the city.

The City Council approved a contract with BDS Planning & Urban Design in 2019 to develop and create the plan in an effort to revitalize downtown Pullman with the aid of public feedback. The plan outlines opportunities to improve the design, accessibility and economic vitality of the downtown core.

Pullman Planning Director RJ Lott and councilors emphasized that the plan is a guide and not binding. Lott said the plan provides suggestions that the city can choose to follow, and it can be amended.

The plan was slated for adoption before the COVID-19 pandemic and was delayed until the city adopted its Comprehensive Plan in September of this year.

Pullman held a public hearing on the master plan Oct. 12. One member of the public submitted written comments, but there was no verbal testimony. The plan can be found at

Pullman is also in the process of developing a strategic tourism plan for the city. On Tuesday, the City Council gave the OK to release a request for proposals from consultants to create a tourism plan to support the hospitality and travel industry in Pullman.

Pullman was awarded a USDA grant to fund the $50,000 budget for the tourism study. July 1, 2022, is the anticipated deadline for the study.

In addition to this, the city is working with another consultant, Golden Shovel Agency, to create an economic development marketing assessment and plan with a budget of $50,000. Information from Golden Shovel Agency can be found at

On Tuesday, the council also held a public hearing regarding property taxes as the city considers a 1 percent increase.

The City Council is scheduled to set the 2022 property tax levies on Nov. 16. Budget amendments are scheduled to be reviewed by the City Council on Nov. 30 with subsequent action taken on Dec. 14. One resident at Tuesday’s meeting spoke in opposition to the increase.

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