Pullman Regional unveils Same Day Services facility

This photo shows an example of the one of the Same Day Services rooms at Pullman Regional Hospital.

Pullman Regional Hospital unveiled its new 10,000-square-foot multimillion Same Day Services facility to dozens of staff and visitors Wednesday.

The facility was intended to be more spacious and more accommodating for a growing number of people who need non-procedural services like blood transfusions, infusions, antibiotic therapies, IV hydration and pre-operative interviews.

With 22 patient rooms, it has almost double the capacity of the old Same Day Services room.

Since 2004, the hospital has seen double the growth in the number of people who need those services, and the old facility was not meeting demand.

Pat Wright, president of the PRH Foundation Board, said staff did not anticipate the increase when the old facility was built and the result was a backlog of patients.

“This just alleviates all of the backlog,” she said of the new facility, adding the old space will still be used for surgical procedures.

Architecture firm Design West designed the new nearly $3 million facility and Joe Bazzoli, a project manager for Design West, said the hospital wanted a space that was functional, spacious and comfortable.

He said other parts of the hospital were designed to have a calming effect on patients, and his staff had the same goal when designing the new Same Day Services space.

“We did not want that sterile, scary, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m in a hospital thing,’ ” he said.

Dana Srikanth, director of Same Day Services, said patients who use the facility are often there for hours, so staff wanted them to feel separate from the “hustle and bustle” of the rest of the hospital.

She said the patient rooms are larger than the old same day services space and there is also natural light that was nonexistent in the old facility. Each room also has a TV.

She said the greater number of patient rooms will allow for more flexible patient schedules.

Dave Ruddick, who was visiting the open house with his wife, Vicki Ruddick, said he appreciated the extra room and the natural light.

“It was well-planned, it looks like,” he said.

Vicki Ruddick said the added waiting room and additional space means patients and their caregivers will not have to wait as long to enter the facility. Before patients had to wait for Same Day Services staff to alert them when a room was available, she said.

Wright said about 800 people donated money to help make the facility possible.

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