Three of the four draft proposals released Tuesday by the Washington State Redistricting Commission make minor adjustments to the 5th Congressional District.

The fourth lops its head off and tacks on an urban toe.

The 5th District currently stretches from the Canadian border to Oregon. It includes Asotin, Garfield and Whitman counties, along with Spokane, Pend Oreille, Stevens, Ferry, Lincoln and Columbia counties and about half of Walla Walla County.

Commissioner Brady Walkinshaw, who was appointed by the Senate Democratic Caucus, released a draft proposal Tuesday that would shift four of the northern counties (not including Spokane County) from the 5th District into the neighboring 4th District.

Walkinshaw’s plan then adds the remainder of Walla Walla County to the 5th District, along with all of Franklin County — including the city of Pasco.

He also proposed major changes in the eastern Washington legislative districts. Those draft maps were released last week and can be found on the commission’s website,

The five-member commission has two Democratic and two Republican appointees, plus a nonvoting chairperson picked by the other four members.

It has until mid-November to approve new legislative and congressional districts for the state, using the 2020 census population data. A majority vote is needed to approve any proposed map.

The other three draft congressional district plans released Tuesday make relatively minor and nearly-identical adjustments to the boundaries of the 5th District.

According to the 2020 census, the district has a population of 672,455. That’s 98,073 people, or 12.7 percent, short of the ideal district population of 770,528.

To fill that gap, Commissioners April Sims, Paul Graves and Joe Fain all proposed adding the remainder of Walla Walla County and most of Adams County to the 5th District.

Sims’ plan adds the city of Othello to the district, while Graves and Fain draw the new boundary just east and south of Othello, respectively. Graves also added most of Franklin County to the 5th District, not including the Pasco area.

Now that the four voting members have all released their draft legislative and congressional district maps, the commission will hold two statewide, online public hearings to take comment on the proposals.

The first meeting is set for 7-10 p.m. Tuesday. It will focus on the legislative district plans.

The second hearing is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Oct. 9. It will focus on the congressional districts.

Both hearings will be streamed live on Those wishing to testify must register in advance at

Spence may be contacted at or (208) 791-9168.

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