The Moscow Urban Renewal Agency has several public infrastructure improvement projects planned for Main Street and the West A Street area in 2020.

MURA Executive Director Bill Belknap outlined those construction projects at a meeting Thursday.

Projects expected to be completed this year but were postponed to 2020 include utility and lighting improvements outside the planned Idaho Central Credit Union building on West Third Street, an A Street water main replacement and frontage improvements.

The agency is expected to contribute $112,500 to help fund the installation of underground utilities and nine light poles — seven on the ICCU frontage and two near the crosswalk on the West Third Street curve near Papa Murphy’s.

The construction will happen concurrently with the construction of the ICCU building, which was slated to open last month at the former Quad Cities Nissan dealership, but hit a speed bump to the tune of about $1.5 million of unexpected contamination cleanup costs on the site.

If ICCU construction does not start next year, Belknap said the lights and utilities will be installed with the lighting and sidewalk improvements and replacements on the Third Street corridor between Jackson and Lieuallen streets in 2021.

The agency committed $30,000 (total project cost of $60,000) to replace a water main under A Street between Almon and Asbury streets. New curbing and sidewalk will also be installed on the Asbury, Almon and A streets frontages of the Barley Flats District property.

The MURA also committed $15,000 (total project cost of $30,000) for public infrastructure improvements on the frontage of the brick power plant structure on A Street. Projects previously programmed for 2020 that are on schedule for next year include reconstructing Almon Street, paving the Almon/Asbury streets alley, developing a downtown streetscape plan and installing a North Main Street beautification project and downtown sculpture art.

Belknap said the agency committed $150,000 to reconstruct Almon Street from Third to A streets. The project will include curb repairs and likely some sidewalk repairs. Almon Street will become a two-way street between First and A streets and will remain a one-way between Third and First streets. Reconstruction of First Street from Almon to Jackson streets could also be a part of the project.

The agency will dedicate $60,000 ($85,000 total project cost) to the Almon/Asbury alley paving and another $60,000 ($120,000 total project cost) to develop a plan to improve the downtown’s deteriorating infrastructure.

Funding in the amount of $50,000 ($150,000 total project cost) was appropriated in 2020 to a North Main Street beautification project but Belknap said he is unsure if that work will come to fruition next year. Belknap said the city owns about two-thirds of the triangular gravel parking lot on the north side of the former Cadillac Jack’s building. Beautification would include some type of landscape improvements to make the area nicer.

He said $20,000 (total project cost is unknown because the scope of the project has not been identified) is appropriated for sculpture art on Main Street.

The city’s A/Line streets project that will reconstruct A Street from Peterson Drive to Home Street and Line Street from West Pullman Road to Circle Drive, the reconstruction of Lilly Street from Third to A streets, and Emsi’s new construction on Jackson and C streets are other notable projects in the area that will cause traffic congestion.

The pedestrian pathway along the south side of the Barley Flats condominiums was recently completed. The MURA project now connects to the pathway at Lillian Woodworth Otness Park between Lilly and Asbury streets.

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