Moscow’s Main Street between Friendship Square and Third Street is expected to look quite different starting next month.

Moscow business owners George Skandalos and Carly Lilly purchased the former U.S. Bank building on the corner of Main and Third streets and plan to relocate Sangria Grille in the bank’s parking lot and dedicate the second-level bank floor to commercial offices, Skandalos said.

Two doors down, a vintage clothing and records store will replace the former White Pine Outfitters space, located between The Garden Lounge and Hodgins Drug and Hobby.

White Pine Outfitters will reopen in a former music building on South Jackson Street.

The downtown Moscow U.S. Bank closed about four months ago to consolidate bank locations. The one on South Blaine Street is still open.

Skandalos co-owns Sangria Grille in the Palouse Mall parking lot, Maialina Pizzeria Napoletana on Main and Sixth streets and the Moscow Hotel, which is connected to The Garden Lounge and White Pine Outfitters. He and Lilly planned to move Sangria Grille into a space that would have consisted of the former Last Frontier Pizza Co. on the south side of the hotel, the northern part of The Garden Lounge and the former White Pine Outfitters store.

But they determined the U.S. Bank building would be a better space for the restaurant, which is expected to open there this summer.

“We thought it was a fabulous space because of the location,” Skandalos said.

Skandalos said the U.S. Bank sale closed Oct. 29 but he did not disclose how much he and Lilly paid for it. Idaho is a nondisclosure state, meaning Skandalos is not obligated to provide the sale amount for the property.

He said the plan is to convert the covered U.S. Bank parking lot on the busy Third and Main corner into Sangria Grille and dedicate the interior of the bank above as a coworking space and space for commercial offices.

A coworking space is an environment in which workers from different companies and independent contractors share an office space. Skandalos said the space would provide internet, a printer and other office necessities.

He said about 2,000 square feet of the 6,600-square-foot bank would include the coworking space and the remaining 4,600 square feet would be designed for commercial offices. The ground-floor restaurant would be about 4,700 square feet.

Skandalos said the more businesses that are downtown, the stronger it is.

“A thriving downtown is really comprised of businesses that are vibrant and don’t go dark after 5 p.m.,” he said.

Skandalos noted the former Last Frontier Pizza Co. space is available for lease as a restaurant. The bottom floor of The Garden Lounge has been converted to a dance floor on Saturday nights. A pingpong table, two dart boards and a few tables occupy the floor at all other times.

One of the two pool tables previously downstairs is now in the northeast corner of The Garden Lounge and can be seen through the Main Street window.

“We wanted to try to create a multidimensional space,” Skandalos said.

Skandalos and Lilly purchased the Moscow Hotel building in 2018.

Courtney Siebken and Quintin Russomano hope to open Revolver Culture Co. next door to The Garden Lounge in mid-December. The leased space is vacant and undergoing renovations.

The couple started Revolver online in 2017 and began selling their products at Seattle markets last year.

Russomano said they sell vintage clothes — mostly from the 1960s to 1990s — records, CDs and various vintage home goods and decor.

He said they had been visiting Moscow from Seattle for years and knew Lilly and Skandalos.

“We just kind of fell in love with it,” Russomano said of Moscow.

He said the name Revolver originated from records spinning in a circular motion and how clothing comes back into style after a period of time.

As for White Pine Outfitters, Tyler Nash, who owns the outdoor sports store with his wife, Sierra Larson, said they hope to open the store at 118 S. Jackson St. on Friday.

White Pine Outfitters was forced to vacate its South Main Street location, which it had operated since the store opened in 2015, earlier this year to make room for what was expected to be Sangria Grille.

Nash said he is a little apprehensive about the new location, but he said the space is more welcoming and has a better flow and layout than the Main Street location.

He said he and his wife own the building and plan to rent out part of it for commercial use.

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