The Spokane Explosive Disposal Unit was called to a Pullman residence on High Point Court earlier this week after several homemade devices were found there.

Authorities found small homemade devices in the house Monday, including one believed to be a smoke bomb, Pullman Police Department Cmdr. Chris Tennant said. The disposal unit destroyed the devices in a field north of the city limits.

Police determined the devices would not have caused extensive damage, Tennant said. There will be no criminal investigation.

Tennant said there does not appear to be a connection between the devices discovered Monday and the pipe bomb found at the Pullman playfields last month — or any previous incident to which the Spokane Explosive Disposal Unit responded in recent months.

The Spokane unit responded to three suspicious devices in early May, including one in a Moscow mobile home court that was deactivated and the one in Pullman, described as a pipe bomb, which is still being investigated. The third device, found in Moscow outside the White Pine Baptist Church on the corner of East Eighth and South Jefferson streets, was described as nonexplosive.

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