Barriers and cables will be placed at the entrance to Syringa Mobile Home Park to limit access, and the bankruptcy trustee in charge of Magar E. Magar’s estate agreed to pay for cleanup and disposal costs of the garbage at the park, according to a Latah County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office news release.

The county will facilitate the cleanup as soon as conditions allow, the release stated.

Representatives from the prosecutor’s office and Latah County Solid Waste Department spoke Tuesday on a conference call with David Gardner, the trustee, regarding ongoing problems with the accumulation of garbage and other waste at the park, located east of Moscow.

The conversation focused on ways to clean up the park and prevent continued illegal dumping of waste to minimize public health and safety concerns that had been reported to Latah County, the release said.

Gardner also stated he would arrange for the placement of new “No Trespassing” signs at the park, which will hopefully aid the Latah County Sheriff’s Office in taking enforcement action against people who enter the park without permission, the release said.

The park officially closed in June 2018, but illegal dumping of household garbage and large furniture and appliance items has kept Latah County officials’ attention on the private park. The late Magar E. Magar previously owned the park for years and failed to manage the park’s water and sewer infrastructure.

Latah County Solid Waste Coordinator Amanda Bashaw said earlier this week the household trash is a health hazard and a nuisance.

The bankruptcy trustee reimbursed the county for the $1,110 disposal bill after the household garbage cleanup in July 2018. That cleanup included volunteer help from residents and Latah Sanitation Inc.

Besides household garbage, Latah County Sheriff Richie Skiles said earlier this week mattresses, couches, chairs, dishwashers and stoves have been dropped off at the park. Skiles said deputies continue to conduct patrols at the park on occasion.

He said the sheriff’s office has kicked three or four people out of the park for trying to live there since it closed.

Skiles said he believes some of the people who are dumping garbage at the park simply do not have a large enough garbage cart at home for their needs and do not want to pay more for a larger one.

“I don’t know what else it could be,” Skiles said.

Bashaw said it is hard to say why people are dumping garbage at the park, but she agreed with Skiles that perhaps some people don’t have a large enough cart at their homes.

She said people might also haul trash to the transfer station, realize they missed the station’s business hours and bring the garbage to Syringa instead.

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