BOISE — U.S. Capitol Police have told U.S. Rep. Russ Fulcher, R-Idaho, that there is “no current investigation” into his alleged physical contact with an officer outside the House of Representatives floor, according to Fulcher’s office Friday.

The letter, obtained by Fox News, is from Capitol Police Chief of Staff Salley Wood to the second-term congressman’s office.

“I am writing to confirm that, to the department’s knowledge, there is no current investigation into an alleged or rumored incident occurring on or around the House floor on Jan. 12, 2021, involving Congressman Fulcher,” the Feb. 25 letter states.

Earlier this month, Huffington Post congressional reporter Matt Fuller said he was interviewed by police as a witness to Fulcher’s interaction with a female officer at the metal detectors outside the House floor on Jan. 12, which Fuller described in tweets the following day. Fuller said police told him that Fulcher was being investigated for an alleged assault.

Capitol Police didn’t respond to requests for confirmation or comment.

Fulcher said in a statement Friday that the letter sets the record straight.

“This situation has been demoralizing to me and distracting to the people I represent,” Fulcher said. “Attacks on policy positions are one thing, but this was designed to tear down character. Unfortunately, this instance represents just one symptom of the cancel culture on Capitol Hill. This culture is to create and celebrate as many partisan controversies as possible.”

Fuller told the Statesman on Friday that he stands by his account.

“I stand by my reporting, which is that he aggressively pushed past an officer, and that Capitol Police were investigating him,” Fuller said. “Just because they’re not investigating him now doesn’t mean there wasn’t an investigation.”

Fulcher circumvents metal detectors at U.S. Capitol

Fuller told the Statesman that Fulcher aggressively contacted a female officer after he set off the metal detectors that night. Fuller described the interaction in tweets.

On social media on Jan. 13, Fulcher denied that he had any improper interactions with police. Fulcher recently gave his account for the first time. He told Fox News that he “stutter-stepped around one of the police officers” and doesn’t “believe there was any touching at all.”

After the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot by supporters of then-President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered additional security measures ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Fulcher has said he was protesting those measures when he joined other Republican delegates to circumvent the metal detectors on Jan. 12 during debate about Trump’s second impeachment.

Fulcher’s statement Friday said ongoing security measures, such as metal detectors on the House floor, imply threats and portray members as “guilty of fabricated controversies with no due process.”

“The statue of Freedom behind razor wire — to imply ongoing, critical threats from citizens. Metal detectors on the House floor — to imply member-to-member threats, and members portrayed guilty of fabricated controversies with no due process,” Fulcher said. “We have got to find a way to flush the divisiveness if we are to provide the American people the representation they deserve.”

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