Two local veterinarians know pets — and their owners — can be more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

With that in mind, Dr. Kathryn Kammerer and Dr. Tasha Bradley have taken their veterinarian office to the people by launching Red Barn Mobile Veterinary Services.

As the name implies, Kammerer and Bradley pack veterinary tools and medications in their truck and make house calls to treat both large and small animals.

“There’s no waiting in the waiting room,” Kammerer said. “Once we get there, we just start the appointment.”

That way, the pets do not have to endure a stressful car ride to the veterinarian’s office, she said. The owners tend to be more at ease as well.

“I think they’re more relaxed, too,” Kammerer said. “It’s definitely less stressful and more of an ease for them because they don’t have to worry about taking that animal to (the clinic),” Kammerer said.

Having a mobile veterinary business means getting emergency calls that require them to drop everything and travel long distances to meet their clients.

They are based in Pullman and Moscow, but handle calls within 100 miles of the two cities. They offer a 24-hour service, and can tend to a variety of an animal’s needs with the exception of surgeries that require anesthesia. Their truck is filled with medications, a heater, a refrigerator, an ultrasound and more tools needed on the job.

On Sunday, for example, the two drove to Spokane to perform an emergency euthanasia for an animal sancturary. Bradley said she was at a gender reveal party when she got the call.

Kammerer said Red Barn receives a lot of emergency calls because other veterinarians are so booked that they cannot always help an animal right away.

Bradley said they wanted Red Barn to be there when people need it.

“When we were starting Red Barn, it was one of our philosophies that that’s why we wanted to offer the 24-hour emergency service,” Bradley said. “Because we wanted our clients to feel like we were available.”

The two vets met while studying at Washington State University and decided it would be a good idea to team up and start a business. They decided to create a mobile veterinary service because Kammerer volunteered for a similar service in Utah and enjoyed the experience.

Bradley, who grew up in England, said they named their business Red Barn because she remembered falling in love with the red barns in the area when she first moved to the Palouse.

Kammerer said she loves living and working in Pullman, and will wait until her husband, Matt, is finished with his Ph.D. at WSU to decide what their future holds.

Bradley said she, too, loves the area and is happy to call the Palouse home.

“I just love this area,” she said. “Everybody’s so friendly and it’s so beautiful.”

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