The National Weather Service issued a wind advisory for southeastern Washington and north central Idaho on Tuesday, and meteorologists said gusts on the Palouse could reach as high as 60 mph.

Meteorologist Travis Wilson with the National Weather Service in Spokane said wind gusts between 50 and 55 mph were expected Tuesday night into this morning, but it wouldn’t be out of the question for gusts to surge to 60 mph. The advisory said gusts could blow around unsecured objects or bring down tree limbs in affected areas.

“What that translates to is really possible power outages for your area — not only that but it will be pretty difficult driving if you’re in a high profile vehicle,” Wilson said. “We’re expecting these winds to ramp up … they’ll probably hit their peak early tomorrow morning ... somewhere between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. and after that, they’ll be dying down.”

Also on Tuesday, the NWS issued a flood advisory affecting eastern Washington and the southern Idaho panhandle. According to the advisory, the agency expects modest rises in streams and creeks, including Paradise Creek, because of increased precipitation and snowmelt.

“Rain and melting snow will also heighten the potential for rock slides in steep terrain,” the advisory said. “Minor flooding is possible in low lying areas and fields.”

Water levels are expected to peak around midday today and gradually fall throughout the week.

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