Washington State University announced this week it has contracted with the Massachusetts-based proctoring service Examity to monitor the school's online test-takers, a collaboration that began last week.

Assistant Vice President for WSU's Global Campus Rebecca Van de Vord said the university requires proctoring for as many as 18,000 exams a year, and that number is expected to grow by 20 percent over the next seven years. She said the roughly 3,000 students enrolled in the Global Campus will be affected as well as a smaller proportion of Pullman-based students who are taking online courses.

"There are always questions about online programs as to 'How do you know the person taking the course or doing the work is the person who's enrolled?' " Van de Vord said. "The best way to determine that is through a proctored exam or activity where they show their ID and you see their face and they complete the work while someone is watching them."

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