Scott Robert Kibler

Scott Robert Kibler

Scott Robert Kibler was born Aug. 27, 1980, in Pullman. He graduated high school in 1997 and moved to Olympia shortly after, where he attended community college while pursuing electrical work.

He moved to Florida, where he graduated from Florida Gulf State University while doing construction work. Scott became very skilled in electrical and tile work. He returned to Washington state after he was diagnosed with MS and continued doing construction work. He spent the past two years in Clarkston and Pullman doing remodeling work on his mother’s homes. Scott returned to the Fort Myers area in Florida in January of this year with his faithful dog, Duke. Scott had promised Duke that he would take him back to Florida to go fishing. He was able to accomplish that promise before Duke lost his battle with renal failure in March. Scott lost his battle with his demons Friday, April 16, 2021.

Scott had a good heart and would do anything for his family, friends and even total strangers. He was a champion of working people, and always made sure they received an ample tip. Scott was very good with children. He was a primary caregiver to two children in a former relationship. A few weeks ago, he organized an event to encourage spring breakers on the beach to wear masks and use hand sanitizer. His hope was to save at least one person from COVID-19. The family requests that people honor this legacy by opening your heart and helping others in some small way.

Scott is survived by his father, Michael Kibler, of Lacey, Wash.; brother Will Herring, of Seattle; sister Karin Kibler, of Clarkston; mother Linda Thompson, of Clarkston; and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

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