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Two large developments are planned for Moscow, the first involving the annexing of 235 acres of farmland, but initially plating only 27. The second development is 82 acres. Both traffic in lan…

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This is not justice. This is accountability. This is the bare minimum. This is the first step in a very long road to a system reform. George Floyd never should have been killed, especially not…

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

I appreciate Doug Call (His View, April 21) responding to one of my previous columns. I also appreciate the Daily News for allowing me to voice what I’m convinced will be the vindicated positi…

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A few months ago, my sixth grader asked me a series of interview questions for a school project. The interview was broken up into sections about early life, college years, career, family, hist…

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Driving past the ball fields near my house the other evening, I experienced waves of nostalgia, the stabby kind, the “aw, gee, shucks” heartwarming kind, worthy of a Hallmark Channel Movie. Yo…

Friday, April 16, 2021

Last week, images of the future Moscow-Pullman airport were twice on display for public review and comments. They showed plans, perspectives, or what the firm behind them calls “exterior chara…

Thursday, April 15, 2021

No, no, no, columnist Chuck Pezeshki! (A definite “no” to the idea of vaccine passports, April 10) You are upside down on COVID-19, influenza, vaccinations, boundary violation, existential thr…

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Freedom House, a watchdog group dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world, has issued their latest report. No existing trend changes worthy of note; 2020 marks the 1…