Doubts about free needles

Kudos to the Daily News and Garrett Cabeza for an informative, and in my view unbiased, article covering the arguments for and against a needle exchange program. Drug addiction is an intractable problem and I offer no solutions.

However, the article does not address a key component of the puzzle. Economics is not a hard science like physics, but Economics 101 tells us very plainly that whatever the government subsidizes, endorses or invites, it will get more of.

That rule is rarely violated. Just ask Joe Biden how well his more compassionate approach to illegal immigration at our southern border is reducing illegal immigration.

Or ask the Democratic mayors of those cities that have chosen to reduce their law enforcement budgets and/or chosen to be ‘sanctuary cities’ are doing on reducing crime.

Both have led to unmitigated disasters. More illegals and more crime.

We all know that the first step towards rehabilitation is a deep desire for recovery. Recovery group leader Justin Kaucic claims the Moscow Police Department saved his life when it arrested him for possession of drug paraphernalia. That’s another way of saying that sitting in the slammer for a while and standing before the judge caused him to reconsider the direction his life was taking and then, finally, choose to seek a way out of it.

Recovery information is out there and the users most likely know about it and probably have already considered it. I seriously doubt free needles will ignite the prerequisite desire. But it is almost certain to draw more addicted people to Moscow.

Ask your friends in Seattle how well their needle exchange program is fighting drug use. I’ll save you the time: It isn’t. But it is contributing to their homeless problems.

Bill Tozer


Services recommended

My husband and I received our COVID-19 shots through a Gritman Medical Center appointment. I have to recommend their services and how well everything was organized.

Brigitte Cantrell


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