Does Moscow need rat finks?

I heard that the Moscow City Council has suggested to Moscow residents that they turn in to the police anyone whom they catch violating the mask order. This might be successful. As far as I can remember, there are always kids who are eager to run and tell. Some of them may have grown up — but they still run and tell.

In other times, these people who run and tell were called rat finks. It didn’t seem like a popular synonym, but nevertheless it was a word I used to hear.

The request is more likely to succeed if the city council asks for volunteers to turn themselves in — largely because volunteering has always been a better word than obedience. This is not true in the Bible, of course. The Bible doesn’t speak of the twelve volunteers and the ten options. It speaks of the Ten Commandments. But as far as I know, they haven’t been very successful as far as people obeying them.

Here we have a situation, because you are not asking people to turn themselves in. You are asking other people to tell on them. It will be hard to enforce because the order is so amorphous. Sure enough, the person you turned in would not have been within 6 feet of anyone else or would have a medical condition such that he should not wear a mask. It will be a great waste of police time.

The only solution for this order is to abolish it. If you simply put out information on wearing masks (pro and con), you might get a lot more people wearing masks. My advice to the city council is to let it go.

Jim Wilson


Trump is a Christian?

So, letter writer Larry Kirkland believes President Trump is Christian and was sent by God. Kirkland says Trump has allowed people to worship as they please. I ask where is the proof? I do not know of any evidence that says worship was being restricted by anyone prior to Trump, But I do see COVID-19 spread in many congregations.

And where is the evidence that Trump is Christian?

I am reminded that Jesus said when the son of man will come to separate the sheep from the goats, he will use the criteria of feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stanger, clothing the naked, caring for the sick and visting those in prison. Has Trump done any of these things? He certainly has not given the hungry the means to be fed or quenching their thirst, or clothing the naked; through increased minimum wage or improved social services. He has barred strangers from coming into our country. He promised to care for the sick but continues to try to dismantle our health care system, and the only people in prison that he seems to care about are his old cronies.

I am not going to blame God for President Trump. As a nation, we made a mistake. That happens to human institutions from time to time, but we do have a chance to correct it. I look forward to the day when I can send a postcard to Mr. Trump telling him, “you’re fired.”

Wayne Beebe


Do we believe the test results?

In case you missed it, Governor DeWine of Ohio tested positive for COVID-19 last week just before meeting with President Trump. So he had another test “considered more accurate” and tested negative. Is this how it works? Test until you get the desired result? Waste effort and money with a “less accurate” test, then do the real test? So how many of the new wave of cases are false positive?

Also, last week a friend sent a picture of a lab worker handling a virus dressed head to toe in a body suit with a sealed helmet with face shield and gloves. The caption was,” Don’t worry, your face mask will protect you.” Don’t worry, the government and the media wouldn’t lie to us. Thanks.

Lucky Brandt


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