I do not have high hopes

I read Scott Green’s recent letter to University of Idaho students (advising them that unmasked partygoers will be sent home) with some irony. I live a block from the university. The past two nights, the parties have been loud and evident, even through our double-paned windows. The irony is that while the fraternities making the noise are three blocks from me, the chief offender is literally across the street from the president’s house. If he or the police are interested in discovering where the parties are happening and putting a stop to them, I suggest they open a window. I also suggest putting some teeth in the rules. Most students I see are being careful. A few really are not. It would be a shame for them to jeopardize the whole university.

There is also the issue that we are not being told how large the problem is. Pullman reported 39 cases of COVID-19 Sunday and 30 Saturday, all among people aged 20-39. I am disappointed that the UI is choosing to release the results of their universal testing only weekly. Do we in the community not deserve to know the results in real time? It seems simple to post daily totals on the university’s website.

Unfortunately, judging by what I’m seeing, I do not have high hopes for the future of on-campus instruction this fall. Meanwhile, I will continue to mask up, avoid the unmasked students I see, and feel grateful to the many I see who are being careful, for themselves and for the rest of us.

Rosalind Iiams


Angry about the situation

Someone tell me what I’m missing. Washington State University went to online classes for the fall in order to stem the spread of COVID-19. And yet, approximately 17,000 students returned to Pullman starting two weeks ago. Not surprisingly, we are now seeing an exponential rise in cases.

This is not a bad cold or the flu; it is a serious disease for which there is no vaccine and which can cause lingering effects long after “recovery.”

We all think we’re invincible when we’re 18, and now Pullman residents are at higher risk for contracting the disease as a result of irresponsible acts by some careless students who have no reason to be on campus.

Why have they returned to Pullman other than to party?

Yes, I’m angry about this situation.

Meg Kelley


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