Loud and public tantrums

Recently we bore witness to yet another Christ Church/ Trinity large gathering downtown (vaccineless and maskless). It is once again two big middle fingers to the rest of the community.

Really, given this context, I am mostly amazed that at any point in history Americans were able to accept personal privation for the greater good. My best friend has a token for a (government-mandated, by the way) restriction of flour rations inherited from her New Orleans grandma, who lived through the Spanish influenza and two World Wars.

Two generations from now, the kids will have traded this symbol of personal sacrifice for vintage cooler stickers from Florida which read, “I can’t drink this beer with a mask on.” The Greatest Generation is definitely dead.

I’ve known a few — idiots, may I say — who found some weird corner of the internet and truly believed that vaccines caused autism. That was their truth, and you couldn’t argue them out of it.

At no point during this pandemic did I, for one second, believe that truth-seeking was on any sort of agenda for the members of Christ Church or Trinity Reformed. It was, instead, the … servicing of Doug Wilson’s political agenda (apologies to any who take offense at the reference, but that pastor did write a book about a sex doll and seems to know quite the nasty handful about that sort of smut, but I digress).

And Wilson’s political agenda consists solely of throwing loud and public tantrums when he is not the one issuing the mandates.

Dana Banks


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