Is our republic lost?

When the Supreme Court ruled that corporations and unions could put money into focused political statements such as films, print, radio advertising or television commercials, they expanded the scope of political action committees. These pooled donations are of course independently focused in support of specific political ideologies. What we got next were super PACs which, critically, hide the source of their donations.

In these matters, as I understand it, money is seen as protected speech. If such money is speech, then it is speech which has made a corruption of our elections by allowing corporations, unions, foreign nations and even independently wealthy individuals to become significant actors in them. Congress is allowed to limit corrupt speech but it seems the vast majority of members benefit from these PACs and fear choosing to end that avenue of support. I have come to believe that the present occupant of the White House is a direct outcome of this corruption, an outcome a politicized Congress failed to correct that now rests on our shoulders.

It really has never been more important for us to vote. I believe the best hope of keeping our republic is for us to start from a place of unity: Just as a global pandemic has us choosing to self-quarantine because we care for others, must choose to vote because we care for all who will come after us. We must vote, and we must vote responsibly in this election year, or I fear we will witness the end of our republic.

Ken Clark


Disheartening at best

Thank you to Holli Cooper for writing the informative letter (“Church shows lack of care”) that was published here on Thursday. I, too, was horrified to see the overflowing parking lot at the Nazarene Church on Aug. 15. I now know that it was a Christ Church event.

Many of us are working very hard to protect each other during this pandemic. To see an event like this going on right here in town is disheartening at best.

Tora Stone


Smashes everything he touches

Once, America was the envy of the world. Then, the lyin’ king was elected. Supporters, calling Trump’s lies “truthful hyperbole,” suffer from an inexplicable, voluntary deafness. That could change, if truth is heard often enough.

Congressional Republicans are publicly refusing to help. Anyone. Sen. McConnell is blocking action on hundreds of measures. Cowardly representatives have relegated constituent concerns to the toilet. The most recent executive orders are weak. Possibly unconstitutional, but merely an inconvenience to his majesty.

The constant stream of lies has caused good people to dismiss truth and reject their own intelligence, solely because of repetitious misinformation. Which accurately summarizes Trump’s psychological profile — lies, doubt, ignorance, anger, hate. The improved Republican version of psychologist’s 5 steps.

Just like petulant brats in movies, Trump smashes everything he touches. Through his “leadership,” nothing has been done to remedy crumbling highways and infrastructure. Trump has allowed the coronavirus to control the country rather than conversely. A useless Justice Department and Supreme Court are in shambles. The elections are under fire, greatly assisted by the new postmaster general, yet another rich charlatan appointee, ordered to pour sand. Note: your king received his mail-in ballot after hypocritically bitching about postal fraud all week.

Corporations, Wall Street and presidential/conservative denial are ruining magnificent Earth. How long can we remain neglectful of dwindling, tainted drinking water? Or warming seas by negligent corporations trading Earth for their savior — profit? Or an ignorant belief which says defunding the police means no police? How much more depressing hypocrisy can voters endure?

Now, America is a laughing stock.

Jim Roach


Socialism and other ‘isms’

As an immigrant to America from the United Kingdom, maybe I look at things a little differently than do Americans. By that I mean I have experienced socialism in the United Kingdom. I was interested in your answer to (letter writer Larry) Kirkland and your reference where you say that he thinks socialism is “satanic.”

A little note: beware of any government that finishes in “ism.” For some unknown reason “ism” shows people the danger of certain types of government, for instance, communism, fascism and socialism. I believe that socialism is the most perfect form of government, but while man is as corrupt, greedy and evil it can never work in our society. If we could live as Christ taught, then it would work, but I guess I could, as others have said, write hundreds of pages as to why it won’t work.

Many nations have tried to have this form of government and it always brings the aforementioned three items to the surface. The first item that percolates to the surface is that whoever is in power wants absolute total control of every man, woman and child, as Russia taught with this form of government you are a creator of the state, with no will to learn and process as you are in the capitalistic system.

As far as welcoming strangers, and all other people from different countries in the world. How do you think America has become so powerful and rich? It’s because of immigrants. If you don’t believe me look at Ellis Island in the early 1900s. As a Christian nation we have the biggest heart in the world. We have helped more people and countries than any other people or country that has ever existed in the history of the world. If you don’t believe that then I’m not sure where you have lived for the past hundred years.

Mike Beirens


Only lacking an escalator

If the U.S. Bank building in downtown Moscow had not closed, I would be on the November presidential ballot. When Kanye West announced he was running for president, I thought, “Why not?” He’s smarter and richer than the current president and Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, has done less porn photos than Trump’s wife, so Kanye was clearly qualified.

But Kanye had a meltdown at his campaign kickoff, so now we’re stuck between a doddering fool that can’t drink without a sippy cup and a Democrat. The horror of that conundrum spurred me to consider running for president, but I lack the key ingredient necessary to win: an escalator. An escalator is the keystone to a successful Republican Presidential campaign.

The image of Trump starting his campaign on a down escalator clearly captured the attention of red state voters and propelled him to victory.

He didn’t even need that help from Russia, the escalator was enough. Most red state voters have never seen an escalator, much less ever ridden one, so Trump’s descent on the escalator was an apparition of “The Chosen One” coming down from Heaven. That’s why you see photos of evangelicals “laying hands” on Trump. I thought if I had an escalator I too could be president, but they closed the downtown Moscow U.S. Bank which had the only escalator in the quad cities.

I know all the best people. They said I would have been the best president ever, if only I had an escalator.

Paul Oman


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