The bar will never be any lower

My workplace, located directly across the street from the Latah County Courthouse, today received two letters. One of them was from the Latah County Sheriff’s office, the other from a local resident.

Both letters, one of them mailed from directly across the street and the other from a few blocks away, were postmarked Aug. 7. Today is Aug. 25. That’s right, 18 days to deliver a letter mailed from across the street. Don’t think it isn’t happening. Don’t think it isn’t happening right here in your own front yard.

Get your ballot now. Return it immediately. Use it to vote this pathetic, lying, corrupt excuse for a human being into the prosecutions that await him. To those of you who excuse yourselves for supporting this blood sucking imbecile because you’ve “been given no better choice,” I submit that there are literally tens of millions of better choices. Pick up a pencil and write one in. Heck, write yourself in. Assuming you had enough integrity to take your own SATs, that is. The bar will never be any lower.

Curt Parsons


Help artists avoid the blues

The performing arts have seen a significant blow in the last year. Both financially and creatively there is a void tearing a deeper hole into the livelihood of professional musicians, artists, actors and the supporting industry around them.

Since the emergence of streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, artists have been receiving less and less for their work. For several years the main source of a touring artist’s income has been ticket and merchandise sales. But with no concert goers to attend in person events, professionals and masters of their craft are no longer able to pay rent or buy groceries.

And while numerous relief funds have been started in Seattle and Portland to mitigate effects of COVID-19 for the music industry, there is still a significant margin of performers who slip beneath the cracks. And with no sign of federal relief coming soon, this does not bode well for even the most successful and accomplished full-time artists.

There’s a moral obligation to artists that Spotify and Apple Music have blatantly disregarded for years, artists will literally receive checks in the mail for pennies while Spotify is able disproportionately reap the profits of ad revenue generated from the artist’s content. It simply isn’t realistic to ask every consumer to boycott these platforms, it’s convenient and everyone uses it. But now, more than ever, is a time to go the extra mile for the artists you love. Buy their merchandise, splurge on a T-shirt, purchase their material on Bandcamp, or donate to their Patreon.

Several artists have taken to the web and started livestreaming on Facebook or Twitch — go to these. Hype them up. Stay connected and support the artists you love, or else they might not be there for you when we cadence from the COVID-19 blues.

Liam Marchant


Another ‘ism’ to consider

As a response to the fearmongering over ‘isms’ in recent letters to the editor, I must say, are you aware that we currently live under ... capitalism?

And also, the Soviet Union was not somewhere you’d want to live. But, neither was Czarist Russia, and neither is Putin’s Russia. The Nordic countries, on the other hand, are widely regarded as doing quite well with their Nordic Model Democratic Socialism. So please, educate yourself about what you oppose, rather than simply assuming it’s everything you fear and dislike.

Rachael Stevens


Say the name of Jacob Blake

Say his name. Jacob Blake. Jake was shot seven times last Sunday, and we have footage. You cannot unsee what happened to this man, a Black man. The likelihood is very little that he will survive this heinous crime committed against him. Those cops had intended on executing him.Why is it that we still are fighting for justice for Black lives. We are human. We embody the same as all humans; blood and flesh. No Black person should have to wake each morning wondering if they’ll be returning home that night to their families. We have to dismantle systemic racism.

Samantha Pena


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