She’s made priorities clear

No one wants things to go back to normal more than I do. As an instructor at the University of Idaho, I’d love to be safely back in the classroom with my students. Unfortunately, we are facing a global pandemic which will not simply go away by wishing it or saying it’s no longer an emergency.

That didn’t stop our representative, Caroline Nilsson Troy, from voting to override the Governor’s emergency declaration Tuesday. That vote certainly won’t change anything for the better and could actually change things for the worse. In order to access funding from FEMA, states need to declare a state of emergency. Without it, Idaho would lose eligibility for $117 million in emergency funds. Idaho currently gets aid from FEMA that goes toward buying personal protective equipment for schools and nursing homes and keeping hospitals in business.

Right now, Idaho is facing immense budget constraints and we are in need of every available dollar. The loss of FEMA funding could have negative effects on our ability to reopen schools or to keep the economy rebounding. With Idaho’s universities back in session, and cases on the rise around the state, this is not the moment to make a political point. Rep. Troy should be focused on helping Idaho weather this pandemic.

Luckily, this resolution was killed by the Senate, but Rep. Troy made her priorities clear. If she won’t prioritize the health and safety of Idahoans, then perhaps she shouldn’t be in office.

Renee Love


Editor’s note: Love is running against Nilsson-Troy in November for Idaho representative, Dist. 5, Pos. B.

Let people live their lives

In response to Tora Stone’s letter of Aug. 26: Who are you, the police blogger? Just because you saw a lot of cars parked in the Nazarene church parking lot at a Christ Church event, you get all judgemental.

People have a right to pray, and go to church, just as you have the right to sit on the toilet. It’s all a bunch of crap. Why don’t you also be a police blogger for the students at UI or WSU. People have the right to go back to school and go to church and live their lives.

Mind your own business and don’t worry about what other people are doing. People wear masks outside which is totally ridiculous. Fresh air and sunshine help your lungs. Get a life.

Sandra Weeks


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