Please speak up, and let’s talk

Yale University research says a supermajority (66 percent) of Washington’s 5th District already supports a revenue-neutral carbon tax. I think that estimate is low. My observations suggest it’s much higher. During the last election campaign, as people drove past our “Vote Climate” placards, I noted their positive reactions. It was heartening to see how many people gave a cheery pip on the horn, a smile and a friendly wave.

I wasn’t surprised. People want climate action for many reasons, all of them good. Parents want a stable climate for their children and grandchildren. Farmers want to maintain agricultural productivity. Constitutionalists want to “promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity … .” Religious people want to protect creation.

Conservationists want to preserve the incredible beauty of the natural world. Outdoors-lovers want to hunt, fish, ski and hike. Lumberjacks want healthy forests. Industrialists want snowpack for summer hydropower, and ethical people just want to pay it forward. There are probably as many reasons as there are supporters.

Climate action is the ultimate bipartisan solution, yet opinions among those driving by weren’t unanimous. A small fraction made their disagreement plain. Yet to me, given the above-mentioned reasons supporting climate action, it’s irrational to oppose it. Such opposition suggests that the real reasons lie elsewhere, and they’re probably not explicit.

I believe that people who either oppose or support climate action share fundamentally similar values, but our failure to acknowledge these shared values is being exploited to promote division. That’s a problem because climate opposition is the last barrier to a more prosperous and sustainable future.

So let’s recognize that we all share these fundamental values and discuss the real reasons for climate opposition. If you oppose climate action and know why, please speak up. Let’s talk.

Simon Smith


Fighting the virus

The Idaho Business for Education board of directors, which represents nearly 250 businesses across Idaho, has unanimously voted to lend its full support to our local government officials — mayors, city councils, county commissions, school leaders and health district members — who are doing all they can to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. …

They have had the unenviable burden of adopting policies that scientists and health care professionals confirm are the only proven tools we have right now to contain the virus until we have a vaccine that reaches all Idahoans. Those policies include mandatory masks, safe distancing and limiting crowds where the virus can spread.

These policies, if followed by Idahoans, will help contain the spread of the virus, prevent infections, and save lives. We encourage all Idahoans to follow the lead of these leaders so that we can keep our businesses and schools open and keep our hospitals from getting overwhelmed with sick patients, which could lead to rationing care. …

Already more than 113,000 of our fellow citizens have been infected and more than 1,000 have died. Supporting these safety precautions will especially be critical in the months ahead when health experts expect infections and deaths to soar. …

With respect, the IBE board of directors urges all Idahoans to do whatever they can to support these dedicated public servants who are doing their best to serve the people of Idaho and to help us contain the spread of this virus in our great state.

Rod Gramer


Idaho Business for Education


It’s time for him to leave

I have been reading articles about how Trump is planning on confiscating state voting machines, calling on troops to protect him, sending alternative electors to the electoral college, etc. Maybe he will ask Kavanaugh, Thomas or Alito to swear him in as President?

I am “shocked, but not surprised” … (to quote Mark Shields.) I would much prefer that Donald Trump leave the office of the Presidency quietly and is never heard from again.

But there is an advantage to Trump going crazy, acting violently, stirring up sedition, etc. I hope that the military and Republican leaders come to the defense of our constitutional system. I suspect that they will. And I suspect that the courts will continue to reject every baseless Trump claim regarding election fraud.

But if he refuses to leave the White House, I might enjoy seeing Trump — the big loser — being dragged out, or marched out, perhaps in handcuffs, and eventually placed in the appropriate institution where he can get the help he needs.

Myron Schreck


Not about freedom

Wrong, Lucky Brandt (Letter, Dec. 14), Going maskless in public during a pandemic is not about freedom and liberty. It’s about selfishness, arrogance, ignorance and stupidity.

Bob Woods


Support when it’s needed

Do you desire to help homeless and low-income families regain their independence and dignity? If you answered “yes” then please consider supporting Family Promise of the Palouse. Why Family Promise of the Palouse?

This 10-year-old organization located in Moscow reaches out to families in our Pullman/Moscow region to provide families with needed shelter, food and support at the time they need it the most. Every child deserves to be surrounded with love, care and support by their family in a home. This is why I strongly support Family Promise of the Palouse.

Families who are struggling, especially now, need our financial support more than ever. They need to know their community, cares! For more information go online to

Sister Margaret Johnson


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