A truce on bigotry

It is time for Daily News contributors to stop writing letters to the editor that are pointedly demeaning towards any race, ethnicity, gender identity, or religion. We can hope, and should expect that the well-tempered Daily News staff will honor our right to freedom of speech while recognizing the danger to the community of printing any letter that contains hate speech towards any group. Let’s stop fueling prejudice, and proclaim on bigotry a truce that stretches far beyond this traditional season of love, joy and peace.

We also need to respect the right to personal privacy and self-determination. Who are we to tell anyone where their ancestors did or did not come from, unless they have shared with us the story of their family or the findings of their personal DNA report? People’s personal histories are just that — they are personal, and frankly, unless someone wants to share their story, it’s none of our business.

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