Questioning a columnist

This letter is in response to Dale Courtney’s opinion piece from Nov. 25. In it, Courtney stated that Latah County’s 1,500-plus infections mean that our county has somehow been “spared.” I am one of those 1,500-plus people who received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis this year.

It’s important to remember that these are people in Latah county who were, or still are, sick. I will not be using statistics in this letter but will instead think of those who are sick as our community members and neighbors.

I think Courtney would agree with me that we want to protect our community members, yet he continues to write columns that do the opposite.

I ask the readers to think of others when going out in public where a potential COVID-19 exposure event could occur.

Please wear a mask when in public and limit, or completely avoid, spending time indoors with other people who are not wearing masks (think coffee shops, restaurants, etc.). Indoor ventilation is extremely important with this virus. If you are indoors in public or at holiday gatherings, think about the room size, amount of people present and if there is adequate ventilation.

Many people on the Palouse have been diagnosed with COVID-19, yet they are not vocal about it. I ask those of you reading this letter to share your experiences with COVID-19 and how it impacted your life and those around you. Perhaps those who are ignoring science and truth around this virus will learn from our personal stories. Maybe Courtney could talk to community members who have recovered from the virus for his next opinion piece.

Megan Grennille


He drove to Moscow

I decided to go over to Pullman and take a friend to breakfast. I found every sit-down restaurant was closed. So we headed to Moscow and gave them our business.

Sorry Pullman.

Kirk Koefod


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