A bad actor

Doug Wilson, you are … uncaring. You are a bad actor. When you encourage your people to enter Tri-State without masks, you say “I have reason to believe it will not be unwelcome to the people involved.” You caused Tri-State to close business for a period of time. You are ... smug and arrogant.

You seem to consider it a cute little prank to put folks in danger of becoming ill. I have recently left Gritman Medical Center after surgery. I found the staff there to be caring and competent as usual. However, with coronavirus cases and employees out sick, they are stretched thin. They are extended to the edge of their comfort zone to provide the desired standard of care.

I allude to this situation with no expectation that it will resonate with you. You owe this community an apology, but that is not expected either. In my opinion the county prosecutor should cause you to pay a significant fine for your behavior.

I would be remiss if I neglect to throw a compliment your way. At least I believe you will consider this a compliment in that you remind me of Donald Trump. The two of you share a hunger for the spotlight. You delight in drawing attention to yourself, especially in taking actions repulsive to the rest of the community. You foist your opinions on others in an in-your-face way … the more attention you can get out of it the better. Both of you could use a strong dose of maturity.

Shirley Ringo


A time for rhyme

Happy New Year to you, and to those you hold close.

I pray one day soon we’ll receive our first dose / Of vaccine that is promised. / Hip-hip and hooray! / I look forward and trust we will get to that day.

Twenty-twenty will pass. Thank goodness for that. / I tramp on it now like a weathered doormat. / Touché and good riddance! Wave this year good-bye. / Perhaps I’ll look back and stop wondering why.

What a challenge it is to pause and accept / It’s OK when I feel overwhelmed and inept. / How much longer the pandemic will haunt us? / Who knows? / I will take some deep breaths and accept how it goes.

In the meantime, I’ll follow what doctors do ask / And continue to smile behind my face mask. / Matching colors to outfits, should I stop and pose / Despite fogged-up glasses and one itchy nose? / Some mild discomfort, but not a huge pain. / Protection of others – community gain!

We’ll get through this by taking one day at a time. / That’s the end of my rant and this lame little rhyme.

Best wishes to everyone in our community in 2021.

Lauri Koster


The value of art

As this horror show of a year winds down, could there be any news more rending than the announcement the University of Idaho is defunding the Prichard Art Gallery?

I’m not a painter or sculptor, I’m a playwright. So why should I care? Because an assault on one art form is an assault on all.

An inevitable and disproportionate amount of any artist’s life is spent justifying the value of what they do. Salman Rushdie — a man who knows a thing or two about the influence of art — famously remarked that the best and only respectable argument for nourishing the arts is that the arts, since time immemorial, have always nourished us back. Anyone who has survived this past year with their wits intact likely owes some measure of sanity to the relief, beauty and distraction offered by the arts.

The worth of the Prichard cannot be pitilessly valuated on a spreadsheet. In a world increasingly abstract, beauty is a virtue as important as truth, and like truth its value is unassailable. This is not a battle cry, no tear-floods, nor sigh-tempests move, but a doleful valediction to one of Moscow’s greatest cultural treasures.

Robert Caisley


Are you a fascist?

I saw a member of Doug Wilson’s flock write “Masks are a gateway drug to fascism.” My response, with all respect to Jeff Foxworthy, is to play “Are you a fascist?”

Do you go maskless to intimidate other people with the fear of infection? No, that is the Oxford dictionary definition of terrorism (the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.)

Do you go maskless to business rivals of church members? No, you are simply criminal (mafia tactic) not fascist.

Do you support armed gatherings at the homes of elected officials, threatening them and their families? Yes, you are a fascist.Do you believe a strong leader is more important than the Constitution? Yes, you are a fascist.

Do you only support peaceful transition of power when you win? You are a fascist.

Do you support martial law as a means to bypass democracy? You are a fascist.

Do you need a group of adults to assault a 15-year-old girl who holds a sign disagreeing with you? You are a fascist and scum.

Despite never serving the country in any way, do you wear a weapon to intimidate those who peacefully disagree? You are most definitely fascist and a terrorist.

I swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” After 24 years serving the country in multiple theaters, 16 of them as a special agent in counterterrorism/counterintelligence, I am not abandoning that oath. I will not stand idly by while people try to turn my country into Belarus. I encourage the community and country to stand up for the Constitution and protect it against those who want to tear it up.

Reid Atwood


Thank you for the lights

To all the wonderful people who decorated their house or yard for Christmas this year, I just wanted to say a great big thank you. It seems like more people decorated this year than in the recent past but that might just be my poor memory.

Although my commute is a whopping five minutes long, it makes my heart happy to see so many colorful lights as I drive home. As 2020 comes to an end we all could use little bits of joy wherever we can find them. So thank you for brightening my day.

Kristy Rember


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