Pezeshki’s columns

After several columns criticizing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and mask mandates, in his recent column (Nov. 20) Chuck Pezeshki wanted us to have a happy holiday while his demeaning tone about “COVID-19 ritualistic class” continued. His insulting, stereotypical adjectives common in his many previous columns, are obvious in his columns related to masks and Dr. Fauci.

On Oct. 9, Pezeshki wrote that Dr. Fauci is “evil” or a “clown.” Some letter writers questioned the columnist’s expertise in viral diseases, so in his next column (Oct. 23) he presented his research sources. A few letter writers pointed out that the professor used a year-old data to prove his point about masks. Most scientists are willing to change their opinions as they gain knowledge instead of starting with an axiom and finding proof to confirm it.

As an experienced scientist and medical professional, Dr. Fauci didn’t recommend masks during the early stages of the pandemic. That decision was based on the medical knowledge at that time and the availability of masks, which were needed for health-care providers. As knowledge of the pandemic evolved the health professionals revised their guidelines.

Professor Pezeshki claimed that Dr. Fauci “released COVID-19 into the wild through bats.” Does authorizing a grant to study how diseases spread from animals to humans mean Dr. Fauci “engineered” the pandemic? If the COVID-19 virus accidentally escaped from a Wuhan lab, was it intentional? Can Dr. Fauci be blamed for it?

Words may not be sticks and stones, or guns, but they have consequences. Dr. Fauci has suffered threats to his family and his life. If some radicals read Pezeshki’s words and attack Dr. Fauci, will the writer take responsibility for their actions?

Hemlata Vasavada


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