Are you ready to vote for same old scamps?

The new year is upon us. Time for that lovable group of scamps known as our Republican State Legislature to return and set to work again.

Last session they could not bring themselves to ban child marriage. They could not figure out how to stop parents of an extreme religious sect from letting their children suffer and die because they do not believe in modern medicine. Bet they have cellphones, use microwaves and drive cars though.

We voters found our compassion and common sense and voted by a huge majority — more than voted for Governor Little — to expand Medicaid, which these scamps had refused to do for at least six years. Not swayed by our move, they then proceeded to stomp out as much of that expansion as possible, then stomp on our right to have initiatives to really slap us down.

We need a better minimum wage, more money going to education in pre-K through college, and restoring taxes to corporations and the rich to help pay for it.

Sign those initiative petitions out there and seriously think about who you are going to vote for 2020, someone in tune with our issues or these same old scamps?

Dallas Chase


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