Pullman police chief: Parking ticket a mistake

Upon reading Stacy Pettitt’s recent letter about her experience of receiving a parking infraction in the library parking lot after only seven minutes, I researched the issuance of the ticket.

The ticket was issued because the chalk mark on the tire lined up with a chalk mark on the pavement, which would indicate an overtime parking violation.

Since our staff wear body-worn cameras, we were able to view the video from when the vehicles in the library parking lot were chalked, and discovered that Ms. Pettitt’s vehicle was not there. It just so happened that a previous mark on the tire lined up with a previous mark on the pavement.

I have instructed our staff to provide a full refund to Ms. Pettitt, and I would like to publicly apologize for the inconvenience.

Anyone who believes they have received a parking infraction in error may submit a void request at the Pullman Police Department. We will review the circumstances and void the ticket if an error is identified.

Gary Jenkins

Pullman Police Chief


Thankful for Madison and the Bill of Rights

A common theme in many cultures and religions across this world is one of being grateful to each other and God. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, has taught us that “one who is not thankful to people, is not thankful to Allah.”

So as an American-Muslim, I wish to pay my gratitude and respect to many people who have helped me in my life, but here I will only mention one by name: James Madison.

I want to thank Mr. Madison for authoring the Bill of Rights and for his persistence to push it through Congress in 1791. The Bill of Rights gave us the first amendment, which in turn protected the freedoms of religion and speech that are a basic human right. These freedoms are not available to many, and this means that they cannot freely express their ideas and cannot bring about change that may be necessary for the advancement of their societies.

So, I am thankful to Mr. Madison. I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who works at Moscow-Pullman Daily News and other regional newspapers in the Palouse for helping us exercise these rights and enjoy these freedoms.

Hidayatullah Ahsan



A letter of thanks to Pullman community

At this time of Thanksgiving, we pause to give thanks to those who enrich our lives.

At the University of Washington School of Medicine, in partnership with Gonzaga University, we are especially grateful for the growing community of friends, professionals and partners in Pullman who help us deliver top-ranked medical education every day.

Thank you to the community and physicians in Pullman for warmly welcoming our medical students and enriching their education experience.

You are instrumental in training the high-quality physicians that we will all need in the coming years, and we are extremely grateful.

Together, we are working to make our region healthier.

Geoff Jones

assistant clinical dean

University of Washington School of Medicine, Spokane

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