Blood on his hands

In Nov. 2016, I cast my first vote against Donald Trump. Then, in a letter to the editor, I declared my relief. “We the people” would nullify Trump. He would lose the election and disappear forever. How wrong I was, and how naïve.

Since that election, we have watched Trump erase anyone who stands in his way, engage anyone he can “use,” and endanger even those who worship him. Many are his “fall guys.” Many. The fallen.

We have watched our friends and neighbors fall victim to Trump’s cult of conspiracies, supported by “alternative facts,” better known as “lies.” Friends are estranged, families broken, legislators fearful and under siege. We live in separate realities, across a great divide — the second Civil War.

We have watched 490,000 friends and loved ones perish in pandemic. Maskless, Trump walks virus free, cured by expensive experimental drugs that we cannot afford — paid for by our tax dollars, while Trump pays little or none. Our blood is on his hands.

In Nov. 2020, I cast my second vote against Trump. I prayed that Biden-Harris would win, and when they did, I thought, finally, Trump could not hurt us anymore. How wrong I was, and how naïve.

On Jan. 6, thousands of Trump’s base, people who worship him and hang on his every word, did his bidding to storm the U.S. Capitol and “Stop the Steal.” Now, many have been arrested, lost their jobs and are facing long prison terms — the ultimate “fall guys.” The blood of the dead and wounded is on Trump’s hands. Yet, Trump walks free, “acquitted.” Trump’s base thought he had their backs, that he would defend and protect them. So did Congress. How wrong they were, and how naïve.

Lisa Kliger


An important right

The ballot initiative is the constitutional right of every Idaho citizen. It’s a right that was enshrined in our state constitution over a century ago to give ordinary citizens a voice in their government. Senator Vick’s bill amounts to an attempt to revoke one of our most cherished constitutional rights. Please make sure to remember this important right.

Tara Kok


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