Urging a vote of no

I strongly urge legislators Nilsson Troy, Mitchell and Nelson to oppose proposed legislation that limits the governor’s powers to declare states of emergency. This bill will not serve to hasten recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of health or the economy. Just the opposite.

The effect of the bill is to circumvent and hamper implementation of the best advice of health authorities toward hastening recovery. It will financially hamstring governmental efforts locally by curtailing federal aid for testing, exposure tracing and vaccine distribution. It will also hamper the deployment of National Guard soldiers to assist.

Ending the governor’s power to declare a state of emergency is a bad idea. It is simply a fact of basic civics that the chief executive is in a better position than is the legislature to deal with an emergency.

A governor can take prompt, decisive, yet considered action that saves lives in a variety of situations. This is a far more suitable mechanism for effective action than would be achieved by shifting this power toward the legislature, a deliberative body. I urge you to abandon this bill. If it reaches the floor, vote no.

Scott Milner


He was excellent at it

Although I opposed the policy, it seems to me that Donald Trump didn’t get nearly enough credit for something he excelled at: removing what he termed “excessive” restrictions in government.

I would say his greatest success was with the Republican Party. Particularly regarding Republicans in the legislature, he was able to remove every last shred of integrity they had once been burdened with. Excellent job!

Dody Dozier


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