Keys to good citizenship

The Republican party needs to clearly repudiate the use of violence as a political tool. The U.S. Constitution works to hold at bay the threat of tyranny. It is clear however that the U.S. Constitution does not protect violence. The First Amendment clearly states that we have the right to peaceably assemble. Going to a protest carrying guns is a clear call to violence and needs to be denounced. Furthermore the extremists that gather together and train in “militias” are not well-regulated as is required by the Second Amendment. The individuals participating in these groups should surrender their firearms.

To those who hear the call of QAnon; take a breath. The world is not as messed up as you seem to think it is. However, social media is completely messed up and its use is not creating a society in which we will want to live. It is too easy to spread lies cloaked in hints of truth. For example: Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump were all associated with the convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein. That’s gross, and suspicious, but is not grounds to believe that all Democrats are evil and are capable of a global conspiracy that could subvert our election. The Democrats are mostly incompetent and have already started to unwind their new power by trying to prosecute the paranoid and delusional Donald Trump.

To Democrats; disavow antifa. They are as anti-Constitution as the right-wing thugs that raided the Capitol. They are just as quick to embrace violence and watch our nation burn.

To everybody; citizenship used to mean that we had to be responsible for our actions and words. If you are uncertain of the truth of something don’t keep repeating it.

Seth Magnuson


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