Fiber optics expert: 5G science is clear

In her Jan. 31 letter, Nancy Chaney says of 5G that “credible research reveals risks.” On Feb. 5, Terry Lawhead calls upon “well-proven physics and medical understanding” to delay implementation of 5G “until we have a scientific consensus on what the implications are.”

There is scientific consensus, and the bottom line is that there is no evidence for adverse health effects. There are, however, many benefits of having access to information. The health risks of 5G — which are nonexistent or at most infinitesimal — are far outweighed by the benefits of the impact medical information in the field can have in saving lives, not to mention the many other benefits outside of health.

Lawhead advocates for minimal wireless use, “… stop using wireless when possible and resort to hard wired fiber networks.”

Full disclosure: I am a PhD physicist specializing in research using optics with applications to fiber optics.

There are no wireless applications of my work, nor do I benefit in any way from wireless aside from my role as a consumer.

Mark G. Kuzyk


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