Impeaching a president for fighting corruption

Since the mainstream media continues to obfuscate the true course of events vis-à-vis Ukraine and the impeachment of President Trump, and this obfuscation has been assisted by flagrantly ignorant contributors to this newspaper such as Jim Jones, as a public service I would like to set the record straight. This is the actual sequence of events that lead us to our current political situation:

1. In 2013-2014 Barack Obama’s State Department started a coup in the Ukraine, funding terrorists to overthrow their legitimately elected government and replace it with an unelected pro-Western government.

2. Joe Biden’s son Hunter was put on the board of Burisma Holdings, an energy company registered in Cyprus which was set to exploit the resources that changed hands during the revolution; the company was also involved in various other post-revolution criminality.

3. Hunter Biden did not have any experience in the gas industry, or any experience in the Ukraine, and this was looked at as obvious corruption, where Burisma was buying access to the U.S. president via the vice president’s son.

4. Burisma was subjected to a money-laundering investigation by the prosecutor general of Ukraine.

5. Joe Biden went to the Ukraine, multiple times, to lobby for the prosecutor investigating Burisma to be fired, allegedly threatening to withhold a loan if he wasn’t fired.

6. The prosecutor was fired.

7. A new president of the Ukraine was elected.

8. Donald Trump called up the new president and asked him to reopen the investigation, as well as investigate Joe Biden’s role in getting the prosecutor fired.

9. Donald Trump was impeached for asking this of the new president.

Yes, our government is currently working to unseat the president because he dared to investigate corruption, and the media is covering up that corruption. That’s America in 2019, folks.

Jean Durtal


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