Joy is always present; it takes remembering

Joy is everywhere present, right now, no matter what you are perceiving. Hard to believe? Then don’t believe it. Instead open to a new awareness.

Within divine mind, of which we are each an echo, we can choose what aspect of mind we wish to experience. Joy? Beauty? Intelligence? Light? No matter what is playing in front of us. Often these aspects are not conscious, unless we have a shift in consciousness to bring forth joy, for example..

To experience this, focus on an object for awhile, until you feel its joy and your joy, connected. The rest of the world disappears in your being present with joy. It is possible to bring forth joy in any event and in any person, at will. I know that even in the ugliest situation, there is a touch of joy, just as in me and you.

We have only to pull it forth, and we feel bliss. Do you agree? You can do this, if you will. You can bring forth anything you wish at any time. It depends on what you want to feel in the situation.

Are joy, bliss and happiness mentioned in the Bible? A biblical researcher who writes in theScience of Mind magazine, Dr. Rocco Errico, discovered that in the original Aramaic words, each beatitude starts with a word that translates, “Blissful (rather than blessed) are they that … (surrender to God, for theirs is the counsel of heaven,” for example.)

So as we surrender to any aspect of God, we are in that blissful state of awareness that everything and everyone are connected. We all are able to enter bliss whenever we remember to do so.

This is the shift in consciousness into which we are evolving. It just takes daily remembering.

Eleanor Richard


We must be defenders of justice and fairness

Before this week, I said the U.S. Supreme Court would be our savior. Before I watched Chief Justice John Roberts sit mute and inattentive through the impeachment trial, before the Court’s phone recording said the Chief Justice’s constitutional duty to oversee the impeachment held no obligation to assure fairness or facts, even with a Court stacked with two clearly unfit and partisan justices, and despite a president off the rails and a GOP along for the ride, I said the Court had our backs. It would uphold the rule of law, not partisan ideology.

Today it’s hard not to fall into fatigue or cynicism, to tumble toward apathy and despair.

I lose heart as hourly reports pummel news of the global existential crisis, animals plummeting toward extinction, immigrant children caged and violent nationalism and political villainy overtaking the globe. Today I see the Court will not save us.

There is no savior. It is up to us. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” they say. We will be vigilant. We will be the defenders of justice and fairness, democracy and the rule of law.

We will flood our senators with emails, texts, letters, postcards and phone calls demanding they do more, do better, conduct a full impeachment trial with evidence and witnesses. If not, we will get out the vote and vote them out. We will take back our power. We will fight for our children, grandchildren, seven generations on. It is the only way.

Susan Dente Ross


Vote yes for community, democracy and the future

Democracy depends on educated citizens. I believe that is the most important reason we have public education.

Thomas Jefferson began the push for public education and, today, education is within the reach of all. It’s important to our grandchildren, children, ourselves and our communities, state and country.

Our community has consistently supported our schools, including the passage of bonds and levies when needed. In doing so, we’ve ensured Pullman is a great place to live and work. In addition to the beauty and unmatched quality of life we experience here on the Palouse, our schools are among the top performing in the state.

As citizens of Pullman, we have the opportunity to vote by Feb. 11 on replacement levies to continue to support the programs that are vital to high-quality learning and a bond to fund construction for classrooms, HVAC systems and more. If approved, the tax rate will decrease from $5.20/$1000 assessed valuation to $4.98/$1000. The ballot will show a total tax rate of $5.11/$1000 assessed valuation as that was the initial number approved by the board.

By voting “yes” on the Pullman Public Schools bond and levies this February, we are giving our students and teachers the tools they need to succeed. We are helping ensure that the next generation is ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Please vote yes for Pullman Public Schools! For our community, democracy, and our future.

Beatriz and Ed Schweitzer


Is this how a great country should act?

If it is OK for him to do it, it’s OK for anyone to do it. If acquitted, we can expect future presidents of both parties to behave like this one.

It’s to their advantage to do so. If acquitted, it’s OK for politicians of either party to enlist the help of foreign entities to help in their elections.

We will have internationally elected presidents and legislators. This is not a show about one popular guy. It’s the future.

It can be argued that “they’ve always done it.” If so, they didn’t get caught doing it, twice. Let’s bring it right out in the open. Is this how a great country acts?

Phil Riersgard


An old joke

An Oxford professor meets a former student and asks what he’s been up to. The student tells him he’s working on a doctoral thesis about the survival of the class system in the United States. The professor expresses surprise,

“I didn’t think there was a class system in the United States,” he says.

“Nobody does,” the student replies. “That’s how it survives.”

Van Thomas


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